• Respite Ball Event Sponsor

    We would like to thank Paravion Technology for serving as our 2016 Respite Ball Event Sponsor! “Paravion Technology, Inc. is a leading supplier of aircraft accessories to the general aviation marketplace. We are known in the industry as a company that develops products that are innovative in design, while still easy to install and maintain.” -Paravion Technology Inc. About Paravion Contact Paravion
  • Therapeutic Garden

    A new therapeutic garden is in the works at Respite Care that will feature pizza and salsa gardens, fruit trees and sensory-specific areas.
  • Spring Prom

    On April 25th, Respite Care will host its annual Spring Prom for close to 30 teens

What comes down but never goes up? -Rain! We hope everyone is staying dry during this stormy and unpredictable spring weather!