Q: What is Respite Care, Inc?

Respite Care, Inc is a nonprofit organization in Larimer County that provides short-term, specialized care to children with developmental disabilities, giving respite to parents and enhancing the quality of life for the entire family.

Q: How Do Families Qualify?

Respite Care, Inc provides care for children ages 6 weeks- 21 years old. In order to qualify for care, all clients must live in Larimer County, and have a developmental disability. You can find more information on the services that we provide HERE. If you are interested in reviewing the additional eligibility requirements and seeing if Respite Care is a good fit for you and your family, please feel free to either contact us directly or submit a request for an intake appointment with our Childcare Manager HERE.

Q: Are You an Affiliated Organization?

No. Respite Care, Inc is a local organization located in Fort Collins, CO, licensed to serve the Larimer County community. While there are many other respite centers throughout the United States, we are one of fewer than 15 organizations of our kind, in that we are facility-based, and have the capacity to keep our children overnight for up to a two week stay.

Q: Do You Provide Transportation?

With the exception of Respite Care organized field trips, we unfortunately are not able to provide transportation. We are grateful that the Poudre School District does provide transportation for children to and from our facility, which is a tremendous help for our families in that district who utilize our services.

Q: How Can I Help?

AMBASSADORS. We are always looking for people in our community who are interested in volunteering to serve as an Ambassador. The role of an Ambassador is to host one of our 60 minute community Respite Revealed Tours for 10 of their friends/family members/co-workers. As a nonprofit organization, our marketing budget is very limited. Our tours are not only a great way to see our facility, learn about programs and services and meet our staff and kids, but also our biggest form of marketing. We rely heavily on word of mouth to spread our mission throughout our community so that families who can benefit from our services receive the help they need. For more information on how you can help Respite Care and our community by serving as one of our Ambassadors, please email our Development Director, Lauren, at Lauren@respitecareinc.org.

VOLUNTEERS. We are very fortunate to have the support of our community, and we have a thriving volunteer program. There are many different ways to volunteer with Respite Care ranging from short-term opportunities to ongoing commitments. Whether it’s spending time playing with our kids, completing projects around our home or offering your time and expertise by serving on our Board of Directors, you will experience first-hand the impact you are making in the lives of our children and families. If you are interested in joining us, please submit the request form, found here. Our Volunteer Manager Amanda looks forward to helping you get started!

Q: What is the Respite Giving Society?

The majority of our families realize they will be relying on our services for years to come. As an organization that receives no state or federal funding, it is critical that we have a plan in place to offer assurance to our families that we will be here for them. All of the members in our Respite Giving Society have committed their support by signing a 5-year financial pledge at a minimum of $1,000 ($83.33/month) a year for 5 years. We are beyond grateful for having more than 150 members in our Respite Giving Society. If you are interested in joining our society, please contact Lauren@respitecareinc.org

Q: What is a 'Respite Revealed' Tour?

Respite Revealed Tours are an opportunity to come see us in action, learn more about our programs and services, and meet our staff and kiddos. You will not be solicited. We only ask that you think of anyone you might know who should come on a tour, or who could benefit from our services. As our biggest form of outreach, we rely on the word of mouth of these tours to ensure that everyone in our community who could benefit from the services Respite Care provides knows we are here. If you are interested in attending a tour or hosting a tour of your own as an ambassador, please contact our Development Team at tours@respitecareinc.org.

Q: How Are You Funded?

Respite Care, Inc does not receive any state or federal funding. It is because of the support from our generous community that we are able to provide the care that we do. Our parents pay on a sliding fee scale according to income, with the average fee being only $4.50 per hour, per child. Our cost to provide this care is significantly higher. Thanks to individual contributions, our Respite Giving Society, local grants, fundraising events and the program revenue that we do receive, we are able to subsidize the gap in cost and continue providing this care to our families at an affordable rate.