Pebbles Program

The Early Childhood Program serves children six weeks – 5 years old. Program goals will be based on school readiness as outlined by the Early Childhood Council’s Be Ready Program and focus on the following areas:

READ—story time, chatting about pictures, looking at colors, counting objects, word exposure

EXPLORE—sensory experiences, exploration of new items and locations, nature exploration

ASK—build communication and conversational skills

DISCOVER—how to make friends, how to take turns, how to follow simple directions

PLAY—active play outside, pretend play, fine and gross motor skills, music and movement

In addition to these overarching goals, each child will work on individual goals. These individual goals will be developed by parents and our Early Childhood Program Coordinator, Hilary Hess. Please reach out to Hilary if you have questions about the Pebbles Program or would like to be involved.