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Who We Are:

Our Mission

Respite Care, Inc. is a nonprofit organization in Larimer County that provides short term, quality care for children with developmental disabilities, giving respite to their families, and enhancing the quality of life for the entire family.

Our Philosophy

We believe that a child with a disability is a child first and that his or her challenges are secondary. With this mission and philosophy in mind, Respite Care strives to create an interactive, stimulating, and safe environment that addresses the physical, emotional, social, and mental needs of each individual


Our Values


Dedication and passion for providing exceptional care for children and their families, with creativity and courage.


In collaboration with our community. encouraging engagement, inclusion, and achievement.


Showing gratitude and empathy in order to strengthen bonds.

Competency & Knowledge

Seeking learning opportunities in order to provide skilled care, make well-informed decisions, and employ best practices.

What We’re Made Of:

Peace of Mind

We provide specialized care so that families may trust that their children are in competent, caring hands. Our child care specialists are trained to make Respite Care a safe “home away from home” for kids.


Children who attend Respite Care have access to milestone programs like Wilderness Camp, Summer Day Camp, and Prom.


Respite Care gives the gift of time to families. Time to work, pursue educational opportunities, run errands, or even just time to take a nap. At the same time, kids have the opportunities to participate in engaging activities with their peers.


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Respite Care, Inc. was founded in April of 1981 by a group of parents who recognized the need for Respite Care in our community.

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After a year of planning and preparation, Respite Care opened its doors in Old Town Fort Collins. In November, Respite Care hosted the first ever Holiday Ball, a Christmas tree sale which raised approximately $2,000.

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Poudre School District started voluntarily providing transportation for kiddos to Respite Care after school, making it easier for families to work full schedules.

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Respite Care established volunteer partnerships with local schools and sports teams.

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We spent our first week at Wilderness Camp at Highlands Presbyterian Camp in Allenspark, CO.

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The doors at Respite Care’s new location on Lemay Avenue officially opened following a $2 Million capital campaign.

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Inspired by a passionate parent, Respite Care hosted the first annual prom, a partnership program with Colorado State University’s TGIF Club.

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With the help of Neenan Archistruction, the lower level of the building was finished, creating space for a teen

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Construction began on “Katie’s Garden,” a project started with seed money donated by the Wolff family. The therapeutic garden is a space where kids can enjoy the outdoors. We grow plenty of vegetables to use in the kitchen, too!

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Respite Care serves more than 165 children in Larimer County with developmental disabilities.

“We would be lost without you. I can’t imagine trusting another group of people with a child — regardless of needs — the way we are able to trust you with our little. You always find a way to exceed our expectations and I honestly don’t think she’d be doing as well as she is if it weren’t for you. Thank you.”

“My son loves (looooooves) Respite Care. And they have been a great gift in our lives from day one. I can’t imagine what I would have done for childcare without Respite Care.”

“Respite Care has changed my son’s, and my entire family’s life, in countless ways (all for the better!). Knowing our community has a program as wonderful as Respite Care is the reason I live here. It’s something you all can, and should, take great pride in knowing how much help you give to so many sweet children and their families.”

“With Respite Care I am able to work full time and get classes done for my nursing degree. I am confident that my son receives the best care without me present.”

“A life changer. As much or more of a benefit to my son more than it was for me. Respite Care allowed us to be a family with a chance for all kids to have parent time and attention. Thank you!”

“I don’t know what else to say other than Respite Care is a gift, and is helping our family be as healthy as it can be. We have never been this happy, and I know it’s because of Respite Care.”

“We are so grateful for everything that RC has done for our family. It has had an enormous impact on our family’s well-being and functioning, and [our son] has grown so much through his experiences and interactions with his friends at RC.”

“Oh my gosh, where do I start. We love the positive reinforcement and positive ‘write-ups’ for trying new things. We LOVED the sleep-away camp in the summer. [Our daughter] came back speaking and taking care of herself better – we were surprised at this effect. The staff is SO positive, even though they handle very difficult situations on a daily basis. We love the different activities in different rooms and outside. Love the field trips, to bowling and such. Love the atmosphere and the loving staff. Unbelievably wonderful people. And the affordability – we feel SO lucky and so blessed. Thank you so much!”

“My son enjoys his time at Respite and he really likes seeing his peers, especially from other schools that he doesn’t get to see on a daily basis. He absolutely loves the field trips too. I appreciate the good quality of food and snacks that are served as well. It’s nice knowing that he will be offered good choices.”