drive to mobility

Scoring an Accessible Van for Respite Care

What is "Drive to Mobility?"

Respite Care provides kids with the opportunity to attend camps and field trips out in our community. Right now, Respite only has one wheelchair accessible van to transport our children. Our 2000 GMC has been a valued part of Respite Care, but is getting older and has limited capacity. This makes it difficult for our staff to plan field trips that are inclusive to our kids of all abilities. A new van would more than double our capacity to take more kids on these fun trips. The goal of "Drive to Mobility" is to raise $100,000 to purchase Respite Care a second van which will allow us to provide more opportunities to the children we serve!

How will the new van help?

Kids who rely on wheelchairs will be able to easily attend field trips

No more delayed or cancelled field trips due to the van not starting

Respite Care will be able to take more kids of all abilities in the van

Do donations qualify for the Colorado Child Care Contribution Tax Credit?

Yes! When you donate to Respite Care through our donation form, you will get 50% of your donation back in the form of a tax credit when you file your 2023 Colorado state income taxes.

Meet the Athletes

History of the "Brown Van"

In 1999 Respite Care was donated our very first wheelchair accessible van. The lovingly named "Brown Van" has taken many kids on field trips throughout the community for the past 24 years.

The Journey

Give today

There are several ways to give to our Drive to Mobility! You can use the form below, give via Venmo, or send a check to Respite Care Inc at 6203 S Lemay Ave Fort Collins CO 80525. If you give through Venmo or a check please make a note that the funds are for the Van Drive. Thank you!

Venmo: @RespiteCareInc